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Re: Sorcerer #6

 投稿者:Death=Head & Co.  投稿日:2019年 4月17日(水)22時46分32秒
  通報 返信・引用
  > No.1661[元記事へ]

The success rate for stealing items depends on one's level and agility.
Thief is best, Ninja is better. Others are worth.
And, (IT'S IMPORTANT!) number of items possessed MUST be 7 or less because you can't have it.
if NOT, forced to fail.
If you usually failed to steal, check them.

Who has the key? I have my key. Also you are.
Hidden and locked room is connected to the machine room behind the control center.
Who is the manager of the control center?
Who made the machine?
Who is the manager of the dungeon?

> Yes, gave ticket to Wererat.  He gave list of keys.  Used the brass key.  Went down hidden stairs. Another door, no key works.
> Tried buying and stealing from all characters met.  Results in combat, except Protector, he becomes silent and spells do not work to charm.
> Reset the game many times trying to steal/combat characters and have not found another key.
> Which character am I looking for?  I have met all on High Council except Control.
> Thank you for the responses!

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